General assembly jan 14th 2023 AEPDSPSF

Minutes, AEPDSPSF General Assembly of 14/01/2023

Members present:

Marie André Sadot; Marie Henriette Etcheverry, Marie-Geneviève Mounier, Christine Windstrup, Laurette Cavalier, Léon Dujardin.

Members who have given authority:

Marie Odile Bengue, Veronique Barre, Jocelyne Cavalier, Philippe Steck.

Absent member: Liliane Cocozza

Thisassembly began at 2:45 p.m. in “face-to-face or by zoom”

The activity report was approved unanimously.

This year was marked by:

I – Our participation with ESAN

Thus, Marie-Geneviève, we participated in the “Child Protection” commission of the social platform of the European Union for which we asked for the strengthening of the fight against child poverty and unaccompanied minors.

The Youth group organized a symposium in Metz in November, we could not be present but made a personal financial gesture. (MG) A financial gesture was made on behalf of AEPDSPSF for ESAN actions

Also, we were appointed by ESAN to 3 committees; Child Protection: Mira Antonyan; Digital and Human Rights: Marie-Andrée Sadot and MG Mounier ;D Social Directors: Marie-Geneviève Mounier

 II – On the initiative of AEPDSPSF

  1. Organization of the Dayof November 18 on, “Domestic violence”. The design and project manager Marie-Andrée, MG had the contacts with the Ministry and colleagues and organized the logistics including zoom.
  2. Participation following the information transmitted, from Marie-Andrée to the day, at the National Assembly, Chabon Delmas building, on violence against women
  3. Visit from a person with a disability
  4. Participation in a conference on social ties organized by Secours Catholique in October

MA and MG, following our AGM, have taken the necessary steps to leave Société Générale and join Crédit Mutuel, in order to reduce costs.


Following the day on domestic violence on 18 November, several proposals for action were adopted.

1st proposal:

  1. Proposal for a European directive to be transmitted to the European Commission for the  European Parliament, and to the Council of Europe to prohibit access to pornography sites to minors under 18 years of age.

2nd proposal:

  • Philippe Steck asked the president to propose a conference on the theme of single-parent families and parenting support. It is important to develop more psychosocial support for families and to provide more resources to respond to the precariousness and parenthood of single-parent families.
  • In order to develop support for parenthood, it is necessary that training in institutions be more important, the number of staff higher and supervision more present in order to have a quality of work and better working conditions and to regain the meaning of work.

3rd proposal:

            Combating all types of violence

The members of the association reported all kinds of violence, including the difficulties of daily responses due to insufficient means in certain situations and also the loss of the sense of professionals, violence manifests itself in all its forms. This violence exists within institutions, professionals, and users. How to fight against this different violence in all its aspects.


The members of the association are asked to reflect on this issue, to submit a writing by April 1st. This writing would relate different aspects and types of violence perceived by the different actors: users, professionals and institutions. Marie Henriette suggests making a census of groups and organizations that have already reflected on this subject. Léon then proposes to raise it with the Council of Europe committee to develop exchanges between professionals and to propose solutions.

Other topics covered:

Digital: Following the letter addressed to the defender of digital rights and the difficulty of access to rights, the latter responded by sending his report on this issue.

In France, 1 million people over 60 do not access their rights according to a survey by Catholic relief. Faced with digital technology, the members present expressed the harmful effect of the absence of an interlocutor and the reception of the public. It is proposed to ask the Defender of Rights what actions have been put in place to facilitate access to digital technology.

Other topics covered:

Disability was also a topic raised. The decisions of the MDPH are not implemented for lack of resources. Some students with disabilities receive only a quarter of the support of an AVS instead of full-time. Members questioned the benefits and harms of inclusive schools. Namely that families are putting a lot of pressure on their disabled child to be integrated into mainstream schools.

In conclusion, there is a link work to be done between institutions and individuals, in order to best respond to the development of young people in order to reduce poverty and work in the dignity of the child and the family.

The financial report was approved unanimously.

The change of bank is ratified, however Léon Dujardin recommends in addition an extra-accounting report that will specify the number of volunteer hours of each member of the association. Everyone will be asked to communicate the 2022 volunteer time to the President.

Election to the office of President

Marie-Geneviève Mounier was elected unanimously.

Thepresident of the association asked to be supported by a vice-president. No one has come forward.

End of the Session at 5 p.m.Review by MA Sadot and Ch Windstrup