In a XXIst century where each Country must fight against crisis, the User is more and more in difficulty, sometimes suffering of exclusion, of poverty. The most fragile are those who meet oldness, handicap are victims of bad treatments. Our experience as Social Workers from many European countries let us decide to help, inform, make easier the life and healthcare access of these Users.

We mostly Social Workers, but not only. There Lawyers, Teachers, Doctors, administrative frameworks, Journalists …

We come from all European countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Great Britain, Armenia, Russia. We also have correspondents outside Europe.

be a guide Bring practical and useful  information to the User such as guides and interactive sources (internet)
protect Do social monitoring. Think tank. Give a social diagnostic, with observations to the Government, local elected officials, local politicians. Contribute to Evolution.
accompaign Create relationship,  patronage, network
defend Acting for the rights of Users


  • Organization of a European reflexion day on children protection and poverty,  linked to  the French institutions CFADS and CNAF (1) and with the participation of Armenia and Russia.
  • Organisation a conference about Health in November 21th 2014. With participation Belgium, Portugal and the French medical, social economic associations and the representative PARIS Mayor.
  • Write  guides to help Users.
  • Individual help for old people.
  • Help and coach students preparing a diploma, old people and  disabled people.


Government, Ministries, local elected officials, Paris Mayor, CFADS( French social action and development Committee).

French International Health and Social Protection Cooperation Agency

Social institutions and medical social Institutions for our users and members


IFSW, IFSW Europe Region (International Federation of Social Workers and International Federation of Social Workers European Region) UNESCO, OIT, ONU, Social Workers  Armenian association, Russian union of social workers and social pedagogues, European Social Action Network, Social Workers associations from Senegal, UK, Belgium