General assembly January 13th 2021

Vote on the Moral Report

The association participated this year in ESAN, a European consultative body, which focused on the theme of young people and poverty, and Mr. Mercadié book (see the moral report). ESAN informs and brings awareness to the European social platform about social issues, to make connection between associations and to promote social rights.

Mr. Steck and Ms. Coccoza are members of the platform and the association.  MG Mounier, MA Sadot and Mr. Steck participated in ESAN last year regarding the theme of youth by pointing out the importance of continuing to develop childcare, of focusing on the problems of parenthood and support services for single-parent families, to help young people aged 16 to 25 in finding employment and having more social protection. V Barré added that it is also necessary to specify the problem of access to health care among young people who do not have a mutual health insurance from their parents.

 ESAN will organize this year a conference about poverty, which has worsened with the pandemic.

Voted unanimously.

Vote on the Financial Report

The members approved the financial report. The treasurer was asked to be able to negotiate the amount of the bank’s fees in order to lower them. If the bank refuses, it is considered to move to another bank. The membership fee is 25 euros per member for the year. The budget is balanced.

Voted unanimously by the members.

Other subjects :

The members discussed the different possibilities to make themselves better known by developing communication:

  • By referring to the site in emails or use other means of communication,
  • Develop the site, (take control of the site). The president clarified that Mr. Steck transmitted a lot of information.
  • Create a connection with Linkedlin.

Being a European association, the members proposed and voted unanimously to send a statement of support to Armenia regarding the current situation for support.


Election to the post of Secretary, Mrs. Christine Windstrup is elected unanimously for 3 years.

2021 proposals:

Members made the following proposals for this year:

  • Calls for European regulations to protect children sleeping in the streets, based on the facts raised by UNICEF.
  • Promote social protection to erase homelessness (inspired by Finnish politics)
  • Fight against poverty and more particularly among young people: participation in ESAN.
  • Develop a partnership with Africa (the people who speak on this subject were not presents)
  •  Breaking the isolation of single people by setting up telephone support service in coordination with charities associations and the city of Paris.
  •  Participate in the world day of social work,IFSW .

Closed at 8 pm.