General assembly January 25th 2020

Excused : Antonyan Mira, Barré Véronique, Blanchy Aline, Cavalier Jocelyne, Etcheverry Marie-Henriette, Mbengne Marie-Odile, Manya Karapetyan

Presents : Cavalier Laurette, Mounier Marie-Geneviève, Sadot Marie-Andrée, Windstrup Christine

Absent : Cocozza Liliane


The association works with the ESAN (European social action network), there is a greater implication in the work with the ESAN, that materialized:

Through our participation in the symposium of the social platform which was held in Helsinki in September 2019, the members of the association distributed brochures on European fundamental rights. The members participated in conferences with an economic tendency and on the place of the European institutions, the budget, economic development, the role for education. Participants benefited from a visit to a shelter for the homeless with an administrative and financial approach. The social issue was not addressed which was surprising. The next conference of the platform will take place in Berlin.

On April 9 or 10, Mr. Mercadié will present his book “A Social Path for Europe” Edition L’harmattan in Paris.

The association continues its work with ESAN, Mr Steck was introduced to ESAN by AEPDSPF.

The President participated in the Vienna Congress of FITS and the Austrian Association. The symposium was on social protection and human rights. The president presented an oral paper on social action and single-parent families. The association was able to reconnect with the members of FITS.

The association participated in the Convergence forum in Paris which brought together associations, stands on innovations in social action in the world with a rather African orientation.

AEPDSPSF welcomed Manya, social worker in the disability sector and professor at the University of Armenia, to EREVAN. She made a presentation to ANAS members of the social service in Armenia on the importance of training social workers. She also insisted on the interest of sharing the ethics and values ​​of social work between France and Armenia, very close principles.

See Joselyne Cavalier’s report on the site and sent to members concerning the conference on disability: education, training and employment, a challenge for Europe. All the speakers were present. It resulted in concrete proposals.

Financial report:

Financial report presented by Marie -André Sadot addressed to members. The financial report was approved unanimously by the assembly.


– Presentation of recommendations with some concrete examples on the duties and rights of children in the context of intra-family relations at ESAN and the Council of Europe.

– Identify the problems of students with severe disabilities linked to the generalization of inclusion (by contacting parents’ associations, academic officials, AESH inspectors, school directors and principals of colleges, teachers’ unions by submitting a questionnaire to them, or by testimony).

– Africa and Marple: contact with Marie Odile, what funding perspective? The association is ready to work on this theme and also in connection with Convergence..

The report had been voted by the unanimity.


Marie Geneviève Mounier re-elected president.

Written by Christine WINDSTRUP