Protection of children in Europe

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On the basis of the needs of the child, how the evaluation is carried out in the context of child protection, with some European comparative elements, what is the role of the Commission on Situations of Concern in France and Comparatively in some countries of the European Union, the various institutions and teamwork.

The EPP allows the establishment of a project for the future of the child, of the young administratively or judicially taken care of. Can we make a European comparison?

Draft program

10 am
Introduction of the day Mr LEVY Principal Mme Mounier President
A quick presentation of the texts and their application in France and in some European countries: 4 European experts (Armenia, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain)
Presentation by Dr. Martin Blachais on the needs of the child
A current analysis of the French context by the President of AFIREM
Concerning situations: Analysis by a Technical Advisor
Discussion with the room
12:30 am
2 pm
A presentation on the articulation between the administrative and the judiciary, the Director of Olga Spitzer, a representative of the ESA and a magistrate and a representative from each country present, including V. Gevorgan, J. Reinier
Panel on teamwork, the results: a magistrate, an association representative and a representative from each EU country present (Belgium focusing on family therapy), Armenia on minors A representative of associations (eg ATD Fourth World, Childhood and Sharing or the Voice of the Child)
Discussion with the room
5 am
End of the event
Location: School of Social Work Rabelais Lycée Paris 18éme
Date: Friday, November 24, 2017