General assembly March 19th 2019 AEPDSPSF

Excused : Antonyan Mira, Barré Véronique, Blanchy Aline, Cavalier Jocelyne, Cocozza Liliane, Etcheverry Marie-Henriette, Morlet Marie-Odile, Petrosyan Manée

Presents : Cavalier Laurette, Mounier Marie-Geneviève, Sadot Marie-Andrée, Windstrop Christine


Increasing the link with ESAN (European network of social action)

The actual action is : students’ poverty ( In Europe  lots of students are becoming poors).

A platform has been created in the frame of European union to build some projects against poverty. ESAN is a member of this platform.

ESAN is represented by Cocozza Lilain and Jean Louis Durand , president of ESAN and member of “secours populaire”, charity association.

Some propositions have been done in order to improve students’ life by the platform.

The association participates to the meetings of ESAN that send reports (ex: actions towards child protection, minor delinquency)

Some members of our association propose to transmit some concrete situations to the platform.

Participation to an international conference in Armenia: social protection and human dignity (the title translated from English: don’t leave anybody behind in Armenia) organized by minister of social action and UNICEF.

The findings for Armenia and surrounding countries (Georgia) show the importance of poverty with 30 % especially single families, some new actions take place (free follow up for children under 7 years old, actions for pregnant women…)

In the last few years, social politics improve in Armenia.

During the conference, different approaches of social services have been shared ( number of social workers increase under the responsibility of the region).

Also there were some presentations of the method in social work particularly the role of the client and his participation.

Ethics was evoking during some speeches, which one was done by 2 IFSW speakers.

During the conference a visit to a child protection shelter managed by Anthonyan Mira was organized and it was very interesting.

This center has for goal to evaluate children’s situations and families, to bring support for parents, and give care and take care children. The center includes doctors, social workers, nurses, counselors and work with other institutions (police, justice).

Children participated in a show about social work during the conference.

During the conference, Manya Karapetyan (social worker and speaker) that worked in the field of handicap has expressed her desire to know better the system of social work in France. She will participate in he conference about handicap and will meet some professionals in the social services in France.

Concrete actions

Intervention for a domiciliation for a person under a guardianship (absence of the guardian)

The report had been voted by the unanimity.

Financial report:

Exercise 2018                        :           282, 14 €

Balance in January 3, 2019:           169, 54 €


Bank charges  (10,20 € per month)         :   122,40 € for the year.
ESAN contributions                                    :    50,00 €
Assurance MAIF                                          :  109, 74 €
Internet services (paid on 03/01/2019) :    120,00 €

Update of internet service and control

Business trip for the speaker from Armenia

Projects :

Conference or a special training ‘s day:  the price will be 30 euros for the participant and 10 euros for a member of the association.

NB : the contribution for the association is 25 euros for one member  and 40 euros for 2 members for 2020.

The subject of the conference will be about handicap; the objective is to make some propositions to the national and international authorities focusingaround 3 axes :

  • School for children with an handicap and the limits
  • Training for handicapped adults
  • Employment.

The organization of the special training’s day:


Interventions for 20 minutes by :

  • a member
  • A person from the state secretary in charge of the handicap
  • Referent MDPH
  • Person from ESAT
  • -Speaker from CNAF, Monsieur Steck, previous director of CNAF and international relations.

In afternoon:

Interventions by :

  • A person from Armenia
  • A person from Belgium

3 works’ groups: each group will propose an action.

Links with Africa:

Network with the association Marple and CFADS ( comité français d’action et de développement social).

Marple is an association France-Senegal: actions toward children in difficulties and specific actions  (women and professionals)

This association would like to build a network with our association.

Participation of the association for the social work ‘s day on 19 March 2019


Treasurer: Marie André Sadot
Secretary: Christine Windstrup
Substitute secretary: Aline Blanchy , Marie-Henriette Etcheverry

Written by Laurette CAVALIER and Christine WINDSTRUP