General assembly February 7th 2015 AEPDSPSF

Reelection of the president: unanimity : Marie-Geneviève Mounier.
Activity report  2014 :
Presentation of the report 2014 : adapted at the unanimity.
Our association includes members of Armenian, Belgian, Portuguese and Russian of social workers associations and individual members ( Great Britain).
We thanked the Armenian association for its strong support and the FITS which passed the information regarding our conference about Health in November 21th 2014.
Financial report 2014 :
In 31december 2014, the balance was 476,75 euros. However, few members of the association gave a donation to cover the logistic expenses.
The financial report is approved by the unanimity.
Anne Françoise Conorton passed the references of MACIF to set up possibly a request of subvention, interesting proposition to think of according to the actions done in France or abroad.
Propositions 2015 :

  • Establish a folder to have the authorization for training
  • Work with the town of Paris and the associations of 6ème district to have a sponsorship in favor of handicap persons but also facilitate the social link and the social cohesion
  • Develop partnership actions with Winter Solidarity, Montparnasse and reinforce the partnership with ATD Quart Monde (association for poor persons)
  • Gather information to facilitate the client’s actions by creating a guide which the principles could be used in other European countries
  • Update the site WEB
  • Develop the European relations

Mrs Mounier explains a draft realized after a situation of a young person with severe handicap. From there, it opens a debate which shows the importance to clarify the administrative process for the client and the family. Maria talked about the problems of the domiciliation. The present members split the tasks to realize guides. The wish is also to fit into European approach: the network ESAN is a European network of associations that work in a social field : poverty, child protection, handicap, ….We will do it after clarifying our partnership relations.
Update the site WEB.